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    Pothole Season

    Pothole Season

    Winnipeg drivers have another season to deal with as we slowly await the milder spring temperatures. Yes, it’s pothole season and somehow, this spring in Winnipeg has been really bad and not so kind for Winnipeg drivers. Driving down St. James earlier this month seemed more like an amusement ride with all the massive potholes that made my car shake. Remember when the Red River Ex was at the old Winnipeg Arena grounds? Well, welcome to the newest amusement ride at Polo Park. Buckle up as you drive through the St. James Pothole Experience.

    CAA Manitoba is predicting that this will spring will be the worst pothole season that Winnipeg has seen. I’d have to agree with CAA as driving basically anywhere in Winnipeg has been a bumpy proposition. In response to the dire pothole situation, the City of Winnipeg has increased the number of pothole patching crews. On the City of Winnipeg website, you can also report potholes. As far as I’m concerned, potholes are everywhere.

    While potholes are no laughing matter as they may cause accidents and severe vehicle damage, it hasn’t stopped Winnipegers from poking fun at the situation. This includes the Winnipeg Free Press producing a Lego Movie inspired video about how awesome Winnipeg is, or pothole cover tunes by Virgin Radio’s Ace Burpee. Not to be left out, the Filipino Journal posted a Google inspired data map displaying the full map of potholes in Winnipeg. The map was posted on the Filipino Journal Facebook Page and on Instagram and shared by over 1,200 people. Winnipeg loves their potholes. Thanks for all the Likes and Shares!

    Spring is upon us, as are the potholes and while the city scrambles to patch them up, just drive safe. Just a few more weeks and we’ll all be dodging Canadian geese.

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