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    Matters of the Heart

    I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in May of 2010. Prior to that,I was coughing non stop. Despite being 5’6″and weighing 128 lbs, I felt like a cinder block of cement, and I had my internal voice tell me, “it’s time to make peace and say goodbye”. I chose not to tell anyone, because I didn’t want pity or cause sadness.

    It was petrifying! I wasn’t even 40 yet, and of course being asian, I still looked like I was in my late 20’s. Doctors kept telling me that because I was young and an overachiever, that I was fatigued from working too hard and under extreme stress. At first I believed the medical professionals, but my symptoms of non stop coughing, feeling like I weighed 500lbs and having to sleep upright because I could not breath when I was lying flat, would not let up!
    I prayed a lot during during this time, asking GOD for answers. Most importantly, I pleaded with GOD that if he wanted me to come and join him, to “pretty please” emotionally protect and give strength to the loved ones in my life, if in fact it really was my time to go. I can’t explain it. I was ok with it. I just wanted to make sure that the people that loved me could get through it.
    As I got worse, my family began to notice that I was extremely weak. I wanted to protect their emotions, so I lied and told them that I had the cough bug. But after 3 months of being in my physical state, they no longer bought into it.
    Around that same time, my sister in law announced that she was pregnant with her 3rd child. With my brother, I had coached her through child birth and was in the room for the birth of my 2 very handsome nephews prior. My sister in law told me, ” I don’t know what’s going on with you, but you have to promise me that no matter what, you will be by my side when I give birth to baby number 3″.
    The light bulb turned on. I had to become pro active and demand that my physicians find me answers! I would let the universe run it’s course, but do what I could to cherish my life on earth with my loved ones.
    The universe works in mysterious ways. Allowing myself to want to find answers and get rid of being in a deteriorating state, I was blessed enough to have amazing doctors come into my life through work and through my social life. It was a whirl wind, and before I knew it, I was a patient at St-Boniface’s Heart Failure Clinic.
    Fast tracking to mending health, after many hospital visits, getting used to a cocktail of daily medications and undergoing pacemaker surgery, the truly wonderful HEART FAILURE TEAM at St-Boniface hospital, educated me about nutrition, the importance of physical activity, and how to embrace and enjoy the quality of life regardless of quantity.
    I am so grateful to The St-Boniface Heart Failure Clinic for their patience and guidance, because as some of you know, I can be one very kulit doña maldita.
    I’m blessed with my life and all of the amazing loved ones I have in it. I feel that it’s time for me to give back. With my very kind entrepreneurial friends, we’ve collaborated on our upcoming event “UNVEILED”. My signature of saying THANK YOU through style while raising heart health awareness.
    I hope that you can support and celebrate the kind medical acts that are provided for people with heart disease from The St-Boniface’s Heart Failure Clinic. It would be my honor to meet you. Hopefully I’ll see you on Thursday, April 4th at BOA Lounge. Until then, smile lots and be well.
    For more details about “UNVEILED: baring the artistic soul” visit www.provici.com

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